Popular Eye Care Treatments Today

Eye care is an important facet in our lives and that is why it is indispensable to maintain the health of our eyes. If not properly cared for then it may lead to certain diseases that can greatly affect your vision quality. People with various eye problems are unable to properly perform their daily activities, are faced with emotional stress and depression. Eye wears, eye surgeries and different eye care treatments work best in providing the perfect vision. Various safe eye care treatments are available today that help prevent eye diseases and related problems. This article will illustrate some of the most popular eye care treatments that can effectively maintain and improve the health of your eyes.

Laser Eye Treatment – Effective Solution for Treating Vision Problems

Laser eye treatment is used to treat many vision related problems like short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. After getting laser eye treatment there will be no need to wear eye glasses or contact lenses to improve the distance vision. Indeed, it is the best alternative option for eye glasses or contact lenses. It is a reliable eye care treatment among several other surgeries available today. Millions of people have used laser treatment for their vision correction because of its fast recovery rate. Because of the accuracy of results, this treatment has become one of the most popular and commonly performed surgeries across the world.

Lasik Eye Surgery – Ideal Solution for Complete Vision Correction

Today, Lasik (Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery has become one of the ideal surgeries for laser vision correction. It is a type of refractive surgery that can effectively correct refractive errors. Although, this treatment is somewhat akin to other surgical procedures like photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), however, the patient’s recovery rate is faster in this. Lasik surgery is used to treat astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness). Basically in this surgical procedure the cornea is reshaped in order to get fine, sharp and better vision. This treatment greatly enhances the focusing power and visual acuity of the eyes, hence; providing autonomy from the need to wear eye glasses or contact lenses. It is a safe eye treatment that produces immediate results after the surgery with a fast recovery rate.

Laser Trabeculoplasty – Help Protect Vision

Laser trabeculoplasty is another eye surgery that can treat glaucoma by improving the drainage angle of the eyes. People who are facing the problem of open-angle glaucoma can easily be treated by this eye procedure. In this treatment a focused beam of light is transmitted into the eyes to treat the drainage angle, making it easier for fluids to ooze out of the front part of the eye, this in turn decrease the pressure. Generally, optometrists recommend this eye surgery for elderly with open-angle glaucoma who are unable to use any medication to treat the condition. However, recommendations may vary depending upon the type and stage of glaucoma as well as some other factors.

To conclude, above mentioned eye treatments are safe, cost effective and reliable methods for vision correction. However, to keep from any disease and vision related problems, it is better to follow the guidelines for eye care provided by your doctor that will keep your eyes healthy.

Safety Tips For Dental Laser

Working with a laser can be dangerous and should be used with the upmost precautions. Lasers are used in the medical, cosmetic, and dentist industries. Care and precaution should be followed by both the doctor or dentist and the patient. Dentists and orthodontists should especially be careful when using such a powerful periodontal tool because they are in close proximity to the eyes. The face and eyes in general, should always be well protected during dental procedures. Here are some safety tips for the dentist and patient when a dental laser is in use.

The first tip is safety. The laser should always be operated under safe working conditions and in a clean and sterile environment. A dental diode laser emits strong rays of laser radiation that can be dangerous if used without being safe. Because they emit such strong radiation of laser beams, they can damage the tissue in the mouth, face, and the eyes. The damage caused from lasers can be irreversible especially if there is eye damage. The dentist or orthodontist using the laser tool should use extreme precaution and safety. The environment needs to be controlled and without chaos.

The next tip in using a laser during dental procedures is to have the right protective equipment. This is important for both the dentist or orthodontist and the patient. Dentists exposed to the laser every day should always remember to use the right protective gear so they do not cause any damage to themselves. A dentist should have proper training and manuals to use the laser. Adequate training is crucial when using such a powerful laser tools. Protective equipment such as protective eye glasses are a must. You do not want the laser to touch any part of the face that is not being worked on. If the office needs to be modified to fit the equipment, then room medications may be a necessary protective measure.

The most important tip for using a dental laser is to have proper eye protection. Anyone who is in the room while the laser is in use should be wearing safety eye glasses. The wavelengths from the laser can pierce through normal glasses, so both the patient and dentist have to wear the proper glasses. The laser should never be turned on or used if anyone in the room does not have their eyes protected from the laser beams. The eyes are very sensitive and any damage occurred to them can cause blindness.

Another safety tip is to have open communication. The dentist should have their patient agree to the service being completed with the use of the dental diode laser. If you are a patient you should ask questions before the procedure and not while the dentist or orthodontist is working on you. The dentist should also be free to answer any and all questions. Dental assistants should also be a component of the communication and should fully understand the use of the laser. Being safe can prevent irreversible damage and will allow for a smooth procedure and office visit.

A Life-Changing Experience Courtesy Of Laser Eye Surgery

The human eye is the ultimate reason why we see colors, appreciate and marvel at beauty and see the brightness of the world. Without it is like staring into the vastness of darkness and nothingness – no colors, no light and no beauty. For that, it is vital to protect our eyes from whatever forms of diseases or trauma that will hinder 100 percent visual acuity or totally impair vision.

The arrival of lasers in the field of medicine has definitely impacted the whole world as a number of eye defects can be corrected and diseases can be treated through various procedures entailing the use of lasers. The prognosis has greatly improved as infections associated with invasive eye surgeries are curtailed using non-invasive methods which are comparative to invasive surgeries in terms of enhancement of vision and treatment of eye ailments minus the use of surgical knives.

Who has benefitted such laser procedures? Be if for esthetic or therapeutic purposes, a number of prominent personalities have undergone successful eye procedures that made life-changing experiences for them. In Hollywood, where the goal to look perfect is a basic rule that dominate stars, a pair of eyeglasses definitely is distracting and lowers the sense of elegance and sophistication of a star. To date, there are only few men and women who can glamorously sport a pair of pince-nez or eyeglasses the way Richard Gere sports his totally grey hair.

Actress Nicole Kidman used to be legally blind and spent so many years of her life in a blurry environment, with a pair of eye glasses helping her around until a Lasik eye surgery completely transformed the way she regards herself and the way people see her – a more attractive and fulfilled Hollywood star.

Today singer Michael Bolton sees more colors vividly after having a Lasik surgery. In an interview, he reportedly claimed to see more colors in his life as the greens are greener and blues are bluer than ever. It also made driving at night for him less taxing due to his improved eyesight.

Champion golfer Tiger Woods also underwent corrective laser eye procedure that made great improvement in his visions. For now it is no longer a secret why he is the champion golfer as he really knows where to focus his visions on – to the golf balls. It was reported that after the surgery alone, he won five tournaments in a row.

The list of popular personalities who took advantage of refractive surgeries is still long and the list could still go on a very long way as our careers, our life in general is contingent on our capacity to see, to function wholly and satisfactorily and to see the many wonders that life offers. Needless to say, our vision is our life so why not take advantage of science while it is here? Enjoy the profound benefits and freedom of having a 20/20 vision.

LASIK – Laser Eye Surgery

The refractive state of your eye can be improved and you can decrease the need for wearing glasses through Refractive Eye Surgery. The most common method of surgery followed today is Laser surgery, where lasers are used to reshape the cornea. Laser surgery is the greatest achievement in ophthalmology. Lasers are usually used to treat non refractive conditions.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is one of the most popular types of laser eye surgery. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. This procedure can permanently reshape the cornea, which is the clear covering of the front of the eye, and change its focus power using an excimer laser. Millions of patients have been treated using LASIK, using of a wide variety of different lasers. This procedure can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Prior to the surgery:

Before you undergo LASIK surgery you will have to get your eyes examined by a doctor to see if you are a good candidate. If you wear contact lenses, you will have to stop using them for 1 to 4 weeks before the surgery and switch to wearing your glasses, to allow the cornea to return to its original shape, or else this can have negative consequences like inaccurate measurements and a poor surgical plan; resulting in poor vision after surgery. These measurements would decide how much corneal tissue is to be removed, and have to be repeated a week after your first evaluation as well as before surgery, to see that the measurements have not changed.

It is important that you tell your doctor all about your past and present medical eye conditions, and also the medications you are taking or if you are allergic to any medicines. Then on the day of the surgery you will be given a numbing drop so that you do not feel pain, although some patients do experience some discomfort. The area around your eye will be cleaned and a lid speculum will be used, which is an instrument to hold your eyelids open. A suction ring will be placed on your eye and suction will be created by applying very high pressure to the cornea. As a result of this, your vision will dim and the pressure may cause some discomfort.

During the surgery:

A small device called a microkeratome will be attached to the suction ring; the blade of which will be used to cut a thin flap on your cornea. The flap is created, exposing cornea tissue. After this, both the microkeratome and the suction ring will be removed. The doctor will now lift the flap and fold it back on its hinge, exposing a layer of tissue called the stroma – the middle section of the cornea.

You will be made to focus on a particular spot and the doctor will begin the laser to remove the corneal tissue, according to the measurements taken at the initial examination. The flap is then put back into position and left to heal.

After the surgery:

As no stitches are required, you will just have to wear an eye patch as protection to prevent rubbing, getting poked, or any kind of pressure that might disturb the healing process. It may take up to three to six months for your vision to stabilize after surgery.

It is important that you know all about Laser Surgery before you go through with it – the benefits as well as the side effects if there are any. Consult with your doctor, as only he will be able to tell you if this surgery will be good for you. Once you have all the information needed, you can make the decision whether or not you wish to go ahead with the surgery, and give yourself the opportunity to see the world in a whole new way!

What Should We Do After Laser Eye Surgery?

As we know, good eye care after laser eye surgery plays an important role in achieving better treating result for patients. But a lot of people do not have clear idea on how to make a good eye care after the surgery, the following will list out some general tips which can be applied for general situations but may not applied for all situations as the surgery varies based on individual needs and techniques used.

First, after the laser eye surgery, patients are required to use antibiotic eye medication and lubricating eye drops in the next days. And for some patients, they may need to wear a protective eye patch. Therefore, please make sure to do according to your eye doctor’s instructions.

Second, patients should avoid touching or rubbing eyes after laser eye surgery, or else, it may cause eye infection. And it is better to keep our eyes rest as much time as possible while taking the medication prescribed by the surgeon.

Third, the after-operation test is also important. It is common and good to exam our eyes the day after the surgery. And then, patients should have their eyes tested at the following intervals: one week, three weeks, 3 month, 6 month, nine moth and 1 year later in order to check if everything is in good order. It is common case that patients will feel their vision fluctuated and blurred around six month after the surgery, which is because the eye heals.

Fourth, patients are eager to know if and when they can do some activities. The following will give some introduction on this based on regular situations: For housework, driving and shopping, patients can do them within 3 to 4 days after laser eye surgery. If patients want to take part in some sports, such as running, cycling aerobics and so on, they can take them normally within 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, but it is advised to take some eye protection on their eyes. And for sports like boxing or football, which need hard physical contact, it is recommended to take these activities for not less than 3 month after the laser eye surgery.

Last but not least, it is an important principle to follow your surgeon’s laser eye surgery aftercare program, which can help patients to achieve better treating result. And if you have any question or discomforts, visit and consult in your eye doctor immediately for help.

The Importance of Aftercare Post Laser Eye Surgery

For those who accept poor eyesight, allotment to abide laser eye anaplasty can be a big and agitative footfall appear added freedom. While there are a lot of allowances to accepting laser eye surgery, it is important that patients adviser and chase acceptable aftercare accomplish to ensure that anaplasty after-effects are perfect.

There are a amount of precautions that patients should yield afterwards accepting such anaplasty that will ensure a fast and able accretion time. For instance, it is actual important that patients appropriately chase the medications that accept been assigned to them by the surgeon post-surgery. In fact, patients should bethink to anxiously chase the instructions they accept been accustomed post-surgery to acquaintance the appropriate aftercare.

Wearing the able eye aegis is accession accessible hint. No amount if the accommodating is traveling alfresco during the day or night, there are irritants that can affect the accretion time of abounding who accept called to accept eye surgery. For that reason, be abiding to absorber eyes application sunglasses or patches to anticipate abrading or added injuries.

There are generally abounding abate accomplish that can be taken as able-bodied in adjustment to accept a acceptable aftercare experience. Abstain arenaceous and airy affairs at aboriginal in adjustment to anticipate damage, and bethink to break hydrated by bubbler lots of water.

Patients should bethink to burden from abrading and affecting their eyes, and it is aswell brash that patients abstain activities like swimming, traveling into hot tubs and active in adjustment to anticipate abrasion due to ache on the eyes.

Another important aspect to bethink during accretion is to yield the time to blow completely. Resting your eyes and physique will ensure that your accretion time is fast and effective, as you’ll abstain damaging or affliction the eye post-surgery. In addition, women accept been brash to abstain cutting composition during the accretion time, as this can generally plan to abrade the eye.

Many patients accept begin that the accretion time afterwards laser eye anaplasty is commonly absolutely fast, and that agilely afterward acceptable aftercare rules can acceleration up that time and accomplish the accretion added comfortable.

Those allotment to abide laser eye anaplasty should bethink to yield into annual the time bare afterwards the anaplasty to recover. Afterward admonition and precautions after laser eye surgery will ensure that those patients accept a adequate accretion time and that they can absolutely adore the allowances of the anaplasty afterwards.

Laser Eye Surgery – Demystifying LASIK

LASIK – A now accepted procedure

One of the aboriginal things that springs to apperception if because antidotal eye anaplasty is the term, “LASIK”. An acronym for “laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis,” this rather accepted action is acclimated to actual assertive eyes problems through refractive surgery.

Since its admission in the 1980s, there accept been adverse belief about what LASIK entails and whether or not it’s absolutely successful.

Laser eye anaplasty is about acclimated for those who ache from nearsightedness, accuracy or astigmatism. Until the appearance of LASIK, eyeglasses and contacts were acclimated to amusement these issues, but alone served as aids to eyes rather than corrections.

Those who accept undergone a acknowledged laser eye anaplasty action should acquisition that their charge for such aids are acutely beneath or alone altogether.

Reshaping your eyes

Technically speaking, LASIK eye anaplasty reshapes the cornea from aural the eye itself application laser to achieve the task.

If, for instance, your cornea is not shaped accurately to fit the ambit of your eye, this action may be effective. By utilizing laser to abstract $.25 of tissue from the cornea in adjustment to adapt it, the refractive absurdity can be adapted and the beheld images will again be focused anon assimilate the retina, which may annihilate the charge for aids such as eyeglasses and acquaintance lenses.

After a absolute eye examination, you’ll be accepted to accept a doctor to accomplish the LASIK eye surgery. Once this has been done, you’ll be appointed for a appointment with the doctor to altercate the process, and you’ll accept the befalling to articulation whatever questions or apropos that you may accept above-mentioned to the procedure.

Don’t abrasion your glasses for up to a ages afore the op’

You should apprehend to be instructed not to abrasion your glasses or acquaintance lenses for two to four weeks above-mentioned to your surgery, in adjustment for the cornea to acknowledgment to its accustomed shape, afterwards arrest from alien beheld aids.

When an alone wears bargain acquaintance lenses, for instance, the appearance of the cornea is changed, so it’s important to abolish these and leave them out for up to a ages afore surgery.

In addition, your doctor will acquaint you not to administer any lotions, creams, composition or added articles about the breadth of the eyes for awhile above-mentioned to the procedure.

On the day of your LASIK eye surgery, you’ll accept analgesic drops in anniversary eye in adjustment to annihilate pain. You’ll again be placed on a table which is positioned beneath the laser equipment, and the doctor will acquaint you to attending up at a baby blinking light.

During your laser surgery, a appropriate apparatus will be activated to authority your eye open, acceptance the doctor to accomplish the LASIK surgery, while the added eye is adequate by a shield.

With a brace of hours you’ll be on your way home

After authoritative a baby incision, the doctor will again betrayal the cornea, and administer the laser technology that’s bare to adapt and adjustment the eye. Once accomplished, the accessory that was cut accessible to betrayal the cornea will be put aback into position and will alleviate on its own, afterwards the charge for stitches. An hour or two afterwards the anaplasty is completed, you’ll be accustomed to go home.

Depending aloft the individual, the bulk of antidotal analysis that was administered and the activity of the healing process, what can be accepted afterwards anaplasty will alter from being to person.

Speak with your physician apropos accretion expectations afore and afterwards the anaplasty and chase any instructions that are given, in adjustment to ensure a acknowledged LASIK eye anaplasty experience.